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Discover your home away from home at our hostel and PG near Manipal University, Jaipur. We understand the importance of creating a comfortable and secure environment for students pursuing their dreams
in this vibrant city. Our hostel and PG near Manipal University, Jaipur. offers modern amenities, spacious rooms, and a friendly atmosphere that encourages both personal and academic development. With our commitment to your well-being, you can confidently pursue your education while feeling at home.

Girls Hostel - Manipal, Jaipur

Manipal University ,Jaipur
Price starts 1,60,000/-PA

Girls Hostel - Manipal, Jaipur

Manipal University ,Jaipur
Price starts 1,65,000/-PA

Girls Hostel - Manipal, Jaipur

Manipal University ,Jaipur
Price starts 1,70,000/-PA

Girls Hostel - Manipal, Jaipur

Manipal University ,Jaipur
Price starts 1,75,000/-PA

Start your new stay journey at PG near Manipal University, Jaipur - Birdhouse

 Are you looking for a perfect PG near Manipal University, Jaipur? your search ends here. Here you can explore the variety of ranges for a staycation with our hostel and PG near Manipal University. We provide single-sharing and double-sharing rooms with many amenities near Manipal University, Jaipur. Our hostel & PG are located at a minimal 500m distance from the campus. Which takes only 5 minutes walking distance from the university.
We also provide study tables in rooms for a comfortable stay for students. Our hostel and PG features recreational facilities such as a common lounge area, TV room, and outdoor spaces where you can relax and socialize with fellow students.

Looking for a perfect PG near Manipal University, Jaipur ?

Experience luxury living in our hostel & pg near Manipal University, Jaipur is ranked as top academic excellence. For students seeking a comfortable and convenient living experience at the hostel and PG. Birdhouse Hostel and pg near Manipal University emerge as the ideal choice, with a commitment to providing a home away from home. Birdhouse offers a range of amenities and services designed to enhance the overall student living experience.

  • Welcome to a new standard of hostel and PG living – here you experience a comfortable and convenient living environment and the community thrives.

Your next home awaits uh – Birdhouse

Amenities in Hostels & PG offered by - Birdhouse

We know that it’s hard to find your perfect & budget friendly living space in another city that’s why we provide you with a comfortable and convenient stay option in the form of plenty of facilities when you move in with us whether it’s a PG hostel for boys, a PG hostel for girls or Co-ed individual rooms near Manipal University, Jaipur.

High-speed Wi-Fi :
In our hostels and PG, we provide a high-speed Wi-Fi network ensuring you can work, study, and stream seamlessly without any buffering.

Fully Furnished Rooms :
Feel the comfort of home at PG near Manipal University with our furnished accommodations, providing a hassle-free living experience. We Provide hassle-free Living experiences where Comfort, safety, health, and hygiene come first.

Security Measures :
Our main motive is safety and Security, so we provide secure entry points, CCTV surveillance, and vigilant staff to ensure a secure environment in our hostel and PG.

Housekeeping Services :
Feel Fresh when you stay around in cleanliness which is possible with daily housekeeping Services. the luxury of a well-maintained space with housekeeping to keep your living area clean and tidy.

Recreational Common Areas :
Socialize and unwind in our common areas designed for recreation, fostering a sense of community among students.

Meals Included :
In our hostel. We provide a variety of meal plans to make your stay even more convenient, saving you time and effort.

Easy Booking Process : We also provide Streamlined and user-friendly support, our booking process ensures a hassle-free experience from reservation to check-in. So enjoy your comfortable stay with us.

Transportation :
We also provide a pickup and drop facility from campus to the hostel & PG location for university students. To give students a comfortable stay at our hostel and PG near Manipal University, Jaipur.

  • Welcome to a new standard of hostel and PG living – here you experience a comfortable and convenient living environment and the community thrives.

Let’s start your new stay journey with us – Birdhouse

Premium service by Birdhouse

Laundry Facilities

Save time and effort with on-site laundry facilities, making it easy to keep your wardrobe fresh and clean

Single and Shared Room Options

Choose the living arrangement that suits your preferences and budget, with options for both single and shared rooms.

Responsive Maintenance Team

Report and resolve issues promptly with our dedicated maintenance team, ensuring a comfortable living experience.

Parking Facilities

For those with vehicles, we offer parking facilities, providing a secure space for your convenience.


The monthly rent varies based on the type of room. It ranges from Rs.1,60,000. Check our website for detailed pricing.

Yes, we offer three nutritious meals a day as part of the rent to ensure you have a hassle-free stay.

All rooms come with essential furnishings like a bed, study table, chair, and wardrobe, AC rooms, and geyser Check our website for a complete list.

NO, there are zero brokerage charges to book your dream stay.

We are conveniently located just 5 minutes away from Manipal University, making it a comfortable commute for students.

Your safety is our priority. We have 24/7 security personnel, CCTV surveillance, and restricted access to ensure a secure environment.

Guests are welcome during specified hours. Overnight stays are allowed with prior notification to the management.

Generally, utility charges may apply, and it's important to review the terms of the agreement for any additional fees.

The standard lease duration is 11 months, there are no short-term stay options available. Contact us for details.

Report any issues to our maintenance team, and they'll promptly resolve them. Common areas are cleaned regularly for a comfortable living experience.

Yes, the rent covers basic utilities such as water and electricity. High-speed internet is also included for your convenience.

Yes, our accommodations offer both single and shared room options to cater to individual preferences and budgets.

Many of our accommodations provide laundry facilities for the convenience of residents.

BIRDHOUSE is an organization providing accommodation and facilities with unification and customizable living options. It is one of the rapidly growing service, widening its boundaries day by day for the living space provider in INDIA.

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