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Are you looking for luxury living 1bhk flat in gurgaon for rent ?

Look no further than Birdhouse, where we redefine urban living with our exquisite 1bhk flat in gurgaon for rent and apartments in the prime location of Gurgaon. Nestled amidst the bustling cityscape, our properties offer a serene retreat from the chaos, allowing you to indulge in the lap of luxury without compromising on convenience. We also provides 1rk in gurgaon , 2BHK , 3BHK and 1bhk flat in gurgaon for rent including Coliving and PG accommodations at Gurgaon , Delhi , Punjab and Jaipur location . Browse our variety of lisiting including 1bhk flat in gurgaon for rent
and choose according to your needs and prefrences – Birdhouse

Bird House 1BHK (sec 43)

Golf Course Road 
Price 45,000/-

1BHK (S block )

DLF phase 3
Price 30,000/-

1BHK (S block )

DLF phase 3
Price 35,000/-


Sushant Lok
Price 18,000/-

1RK/1BHK (Sec 49)

Near Nile Society
Price 12,000/- 

Your Ideal 1 bhk flat in gurugram: A Haven by BirdHouse

In the hustle and bustle of Gurugram, finding your perfect 1bhk flat in gurugram . Welcome to BirdHouse, where we redefine luxury living in the heart of Gurugram. Let’s delve into the exquisite world of our 1 bhk flat in gurugram , where elegance meets functionality. Location is everything when it comes to choosing your dream home, and BirdHouse understands this sentiment profoundly. 

  • Our 1 bhk flat in gurugram are strategically located in prime areas of Gurugram, ensuring easy access to major landmarks, corporate hubs, shopping centers, and entertainment zones. 

Looking for Accommodation in Gurgaon. We have a variety of staycation options that also deals with 1 bhk flat in gurugram include luxurious PGs and accommodation (1bhk,2bhk,3bhk) for working professionals and students. Discover a diverse range of accommodation options 1 bhk flat in gurugram  including comfortable flats, modern apartments, and welcoming PG accommodations. Browse through our listings to find the perfect living space that suits your needs and preferences. From cozy apartments to shared PG facilities, explore a variety of housing options to make your search for a new home seamless and convenient.

Unlock your dream stay !

Gurgaon's Gem: Stylish 1 bhk apartment in gurgaon for rent

In the dynamic city of Gurgaon, finding the perfect 1 bhk apartment in gurgaon home that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences can be a challenging endeavor. However, BirdHouse, is committed to offering unparalleled living experiences through its meticulously designed 1 bhk apartment in gurgaon apartments. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the essence of luxury and comfort in our 1 bhk apartment in gurgaon .
Every aspect of the 1 bhk apartment in gurgaon interiors is thoughtfully curated to blend aesthetic appeal with functional utility seamlessly. From the spacious living area to fully furnishings 1 bhk apartment in gurgaon with lot of amenities offers like AC , Refrigerator , Ro , 24/7 cctv ,Wifi, housekeeping service, geyser, wardrobe, etc

  • In conclusion, renting a 1 bhk apartment in gurgaon is not just about finding a place to live; it’s about embracing a lifestyle of luxury, convenience, and community. Experience the epitome of modern living and make every moment count in your haven by BirdHouse.
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Amenities offered by the BirdHouse

High-speed Wi-Fi:
Stay connected with our blazing fast Wi-Fi, ensuring you can work, study, and stream seamlessly.
Fully Furnished Rooms:
Enjoy the comfort of home with thoughtfully furnished accommodations, providing a hassle-free living experience.
Security Measures:
Your safety is our priority, with secure entry points, CCTV surveillance, and vigilant staff ensuring a secure environment.
Housekeeping Services:
Experience the luxury of a well-maintained space with regular housekeeping to keep your living area clean and tidy.
Recreational Common Areas:
Socialize and unwind in our common areas designed for recreation, fostering a sense of community among residents.
Flexible Rental Durations:
Choose the duration that suits you best, whether it’s a short-term stay or a more extended residency.
Kitchen Facilities:
Cook your favorite meals in shared kitchen spaces, offering convenience for those who prefer homemade dishes.
Meals Included (Optional):
Opt for accommodations with meal plans to make your stay even more convenient, saving you time and effort.
Easy Booking Process:
Streamlined and user-friendly, our booking process ensures a hassle-free experience from reservation to check-in.
Utility Inclusions:
Avoid surprises with transparent agreements that include utility charges, providing clarity on additional costs.
Guest-Friendly Policies:
Welcome your friends and family with guest-friendly policies, creating a welcoming and inclusive living environment.

Premium service by Birdhouse

Laundry Facilities

Save time and effort with on-site laundry facilities, making it easy to keep your wardrobe fresh and clean

Single and Shared Room Options

Choose the living arrangement that suits your preferences and budget, with options for both single and shared rooms.

Responsive Maintenance Team

Report and resolve issues promptly with our dedicated maintenance team, ensuring a comfortable living experience.

Parking Facilities

For those with vehicles, we offer parking facilities, providing a secure space for your convenience.


Rental prices for 1BHK apartments in Gurgaon vary, but on average, they range from INR 15000 to 45000

It depends on the landlord and the rental agreement. Some rentals may include utilities, while others may require tenants to pay separately.

Yes, Gurgaon offers both furnished and unfurnished 1BHK rentals. You can choose based on your preferences and needs.

Common amenities include basic furnishings, kitchen appliances, parking facilities, and in some cases, access to community amenities like gyms or swimming pools.

While not all landlords allow pets, some do. Use our search filters to specifically look for pet-friendly 1BHK options.

Lease durations can vary, but many landlords prefer a standard 11-month lease. Some may offer shorter or longer terms based on mutual agreement.

Yes, most landlords in Gurgaon require a security deposit, typically equivalent to one to two months' rent.

Maintenance responsibilities vary. Some landlords include maintenance in the rent, while others expect tenants to handle minor maintenance tasks.

Check with your landlord, but many allow tenants to make minor cosmetic changes. Major alterations may require landlord approval.

Gurgaon has a well-connected public transportation system, and many 1BHK rentals are located in proximity to bus stops or metro stations.

Contact the property owner or agent directly through our platform to schedule a viewing at a convenient time.

Some rentals may have maintenance fees or charges for amenities. Review the lease agreement for a clear understanding of any additional costs.

Subletting may be allowed, but it's crucial to check with the landlord and review the lease agreement for any restrictions.

Discuss lease renewal options with your landlord a few months before the lease expires to ensure a smooth transition if you choose to renew.

Report maintenance issues promptly to your landlord or property management. Many have dedicated channels or contact numbers for such concerns.

BIRDHOUSE is an organization providing accommodation and facilities with unification and customizable living options. It is one of the rapidly growing service, widening its boundaries day by day for the living space provider in INDIA.

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