About Us


BIRDHOUSE is an organization providing accommodation and facilities with unification and customizable living options. It is one of the rapidly growing service, widening its boundaries day by day for the living space provider in INDIA.
In the contemporary times, everyone desires to be free-minded at their place as they want to grasp more and more knowledge......and BIRDHOUSE is here for the betterment of their livings and provide pleasant surroundings according to their needs. We understand that house is not only a place , it is a feeling so we work to make your place habitable and comfortable.
The very first priority towards the place is that it should be comfortable and convenient and your priority is our duty. We believe SAFETY is the basic living right for all. All requirements are at pocket friendly rates. We always perform our duty without any prerequisite.
Smart and elegant livings, security, easy and customizable services and trouble-free payments are the best featuresBIRDHOUSE acquires. So HURRY pack your bags and explore your custom designed living option today!Discover, visit,o book and move-in with your new aspirations.
It is effortless and manageable. Preserve your priceless time and pocket. Indeed a surprisingly new change to the tedious task of house hunting and escalating rents at the best locations in the city.
As learning is a process, we learn to improve our skills at work. So we never want to be flabby. Contact us at hello@birdhouse.co.in


Ateev Bhardwaj

During my time (While working) in the corporate world, I realized (stumbled upon) a number of problems that the people coming from other regions (moving to Gurgaon) were facing.
Being away from home isn’t an easy thing; people were agitated with unreasonably high priced accommodations and awful food quality. Being from the city myself, I knew the best areas to live with an environment which is suitable for everyone without gouging holes in people’s pockets.
This was the time of 2012, when I began the process of providing a corporate look accommodation to people so that their stay in the city could be filled with joyous memories and not with the ones where they had to suffer on the false assurances given by the intermediaries who got off after getting their cut from them.
Since then, BIRDHOUSE has become not just an initiative but a dream of provide services to each and every one; whether a bachelor who needs an independent space or a girl who needs a safe place as it is her first time away from home or a family who dreams of bringing up their kids in the city, we are here to help (them all) to the best of our abilities.